Another priest goes down!

This time it is Fr John Fleming who seems to be the one most behind the drive by Archbishop Hepworth to aspire to some kind of uniate status for the TAC with Rome. At least, that is what the Archbishop was telling me in about 2007. I wrote a paragraph about Fr Fleming in A couple of snippets…

Here’s the newspaper article, because I am not making this up: Father John Fleming suspended after Supreme Court judge finds he engaged in sexual behaviour with a minor. The newspaper in question is The Advertiser, based in Adelaide.

I remember some years ago that a woman commenter was extremely rude to me about Fr John Fleming, accusing him of sexual abuse. I didn’t believe her at the time. I don’t remember whether it was in my defunct English Catholic blog or this one. This time, he was convicted by a court of law and suspended by the Church. I have to believe it now!

I am sorry to have to relate this sordid story, and it causes me no pleasure – quite the opposite. It is another wound in the side of Christianity and another blow against the credibility of priests. This time, he is a married priest.

* * *

Another unrelated matter is that David Virtue has weighed in with HOLLYWOOD, CA: What’s next for St. Mary of the Angels? The article ends with the question as to whether Archbishop Hepworth is back. I have no further information or independent opinion, so I will keep quiet this time (even though I am a “crank” according to experts on this matter).

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