Boniface X is BACK!

Boniface X is back!

He has set up his Twitter account again and has recovered the old Thomas Sparks address Roman Catholicism – The Apostolic See. He lacks the flamboyant pizzaz of Peter III at El Palmar de Troya and he still asks his followers to take him at face value – without showing his face or identity. He uses the title attributed to St Malachi – Petrus Romanus.

The reinvented pope is teaching Feeneyism as did his predecessor of his website address Thomas Sparks. Sparks was also a keen Jansenist. He seems to have been rewording his diatribe about the necessity for everyone to submit to him – in order to avoid gnashing his teeth or gums (unless teeth are provided) in hell for all eternity!

In short, Christian life is resumed in anxiously looking up these two sites to find the latest infallible bull…

At last we have the pope’s voice. He is American and aged 30 to 40 years given the youthfulness of his voice, although speaking in a flat tone. He seems to have lost his Holy Roman Emperor, since he is no longer mentioned.

Just a few of the more amusing Tweets:

WHERE IS MY ROYAL SUPPORT? The royal family in England did much better under the true Popes like myself, than after it went out on its own. It became like a withering leaf apart from us, until all that was left was mere pretense.

wears the purple, except when he goes into the Holy of Holies (Leviticus 16:4).

I am also the only Pontiff who teaches, like Noah, that God’s people will only be saved through water (the water of baptism). Behold He comes quickly, enter my Ark before it is too late.

I only mention this oddity for its curiosity value, since there are quite a few deluded gentlemen in our time claiming the papacy and peddling junk religion. I think most of my readers are as vaccinated as I am, and I didn’t even have to get the jab from Bill Gates!

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6 Responses to Boniface X is BACK!

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    I wonder with whom-all any of the Papal Claimants noted by Magnus Lundberg are in communion – or whose Orders any recognize? Does any boast (to apply Hooker’s observation in Laws III.i.13) he worships idols, thinks amiss concerning matters of faith, yea, gives himself unto acts diabolical, without impairment to his being Pope and never erring in public judgment, in deliberation, and definitive sentences (to quote Harding)?

    • It seems to me to be the narcissist’s “wet dream”. The extreme example of Boniface X shows how a person (if this is not a big joke in bad taste) constructs an illusion and expects people to believe in it as a kind of “objective reality”. I’m not sure what you mean in your first sentence, whether any of these popes consider themselves to be in communion with another or if they recognise each other’s Orders (if they have any). Boniface X says that he is a layman and that there are no bishops or priests in the Church.

      • David Llewellyn Dodds says:

        Lots of questions were going through my mind with that first sentence – do they only have immediate circles of lay or clerical followers (in whatever numbers), or do they recognize any other clergy, say one or another episcopus vagans or claimants to other Sees or Patriarchates, or again, would any say something like what is found in Lumen gentium 15 about there being others who “also recognize and accept other sacraments within their own Churches or ecclesiastical communities. Many of them rejoice in the episcopate, celebrate the Holy Eucharist and cultivate devotion toward the Virgin Mother of God”, or something like the positive things said in Roman Canon Law about certain possibilities of intercommunion with Orthodox or other Eastern Churches? Would any be willing to call an Ecumenical Council to solve the multi-claimant problem, as happened with respect to the 14-15th-c. Western Schism?

      • I think that the best study on alternative popes is that of Magnus Lundberg. Each of them is little more than a sect guru with the intention of manipulating people to his “exclusive truth”. Others are victims of their own closed-circle ideologies. Some have apostolic succession from RC bishops like +Ngô Đình Thục which is the case of El Palmar de Troya. Others like Michael I have been able to obtain “vagante” orders and then have “self-regularised”. The most bizarre case was Pius XIII (Lucien Pulvermacher) was was a Franciscan priest, ordained and consecrated a layman being “only” a simple priest, and then got the “cardinal” in question to consecrate him. Sacramental incest? Boniface X, if he is more than a hoax, is a layman with perhaps one or two people who believe he is the Pope. Some of the characters on Lundberg’s site are individuals with distinct personality disorders like narcissism as understood by modern psychiatry.

        They generally hold to a medieval theory of the papacy and the “one true church”, so would not entertain the idea of working towards unity or intercommunion with other institutional churches. All those we can know anything about believe they are the one true pope and that others have to abandon their “false claims”. Fanatical religious ideology? Mental illness? Delusions of grandeur? Narcissistic personality disorder? Perhaps “papalitis” is on a spectrum between these possible causes.

  2. Wayne Pelling says:

    Father again four very thought provoking postings . Well done on your canonical licence . I looked at this posting regarding Boniface X and could not help but ask why do these minor Catholic groups resort to anti-Semitism amongst other heresies .

    • Boniface X, if this isn’t a simple hoax like Alejandro IX, has almost no followers, 2 or 3 at the most. His idea of Catholicism is a crude version of the Christian empire or kingdom, the extension of moral teachings into laws and secular governance. Since the major revolutions in Europe, there are no Christian kingdoms. The next choice would be the caricature of the kings – populist demagogues and dictators like Pinochet and Franco, Mussolini to an extent. Hitler tried to adapt Christianity to his own neo-pagan crank philosophy. Anti-Semitism is a part of the generic term of fascism (Fascism (La Fascia) in its proper meaning referring to Mussolini). Boniface X on his previous website had a “Holy Roman Emperor”, probably some dude in a suburb of an American city, who has disappeared.

      This is not a “minor Catholic group” but an individual thinking he can project his own desires on other people and rebuild his “church”. I don’t take them seriously, but these are phenomena that need to be studied and compared.

      If you want to understand modern neo-fascism, I recommend Rob Riemen, To fight against this age, on Fascism and humanism, New York 2018.

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