Fr Jonathan Munn Obl OSB is a priest in the Anglican Catholic Church having been previously a Reader in the Church of England though he retains his Oblation with the community of monks formerly at Elmore and Nashdom. He studied and lectured in mathematics at the University of Warwick where he received his doctorate in the study of instanton construction on the four-dimensional sphere. He spent some time studying the geometry of fluid flow at Imperial College London and has lectured in Los Alamos, Palo Alto and the University of Göttingen. Upon leaving university, he taught mathematics, philosophy and thinking skills to schoolchildren at Eltham College. Today, after withdrawing from teaching, he looks after his two infant children full time in the outskirts of Sheffield and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fr Anthony Chadwick is a priest in the Anglican Catholic Church having been an organist and choirmaster in the Church of England and a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. He studied philosophy at the Angelicum in Rome and theology at Fribourg University in Switzerland, writing his Licentiate work on the Roman missal at and after the Council of Trent. He has lectured on this subject at Pusey House in Oxford. He is a self-employed French to English translator, and enjoys sailing dinghy cruising and playing the organ in his spare time. He also occasionally moves and reinstalls redundant church organs.

Dr Timothy Graham is a medical doctor specialising in Gastroenterology at St George’s Hospital in London. He obtained an MPhil in Philosophy in 2011 with a dissertation on the thought of Austin Farrer from Queen’s University Belfast where he had previously completed his medical training. He is a layman in the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, lives in Surrey with his wife and a young family of five, and keeps up his interests in Scripture, Romantic philosophy and books generally when he has the time.