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Liturgy and Maturity

I reproduce this text with some reservation as it comes from the Australian Catholica forum, situated in the radical progressive perspective. Yes, they are for the ordination of women and LGBT people, yes, just like ECUSA. I’m not endorsing or … Continue reading

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John XXIII, the Old Catholic Pope?

My attention was drawn to this article on an ultra-traditionalist website. Naturally, the ultra-traditionalists, sedevacantists or whatever, intend to express the idea that Vatican II was set up against the reactionary position of Pius IX and the definitions of Vatican … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Imperialism!

No, this is not the British Empire or even the Great Invisible Empire of Romantia. I’ll just give you the link and recommend reading this fascinating paper. Imperial Ideology: The Idea of the Universal Christian Empire in Late Antiquity

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Over the past few days, I have been studying various forms of utopianism in what could be termed-post modern culture. I have often wondered what post-modernism is because the future of Christianity depends on being able to connect with the … Continue reading

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Et in Arcadia Ego

This is the title of the opening section of Evelyn’s Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, a description of the life of an undergraduate at Oxford University in the 1920’s and his friendship with an aristocratic family with no financial worries. I see … Continue reading

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The Invisible Empire of Romantia

Further from my posting of yesterday, I used to have such a good laugh over the Romantic, the Reactionary Review, the Imperial Angel and the New Century written by those dotty ladies in England who are certainly less innocent than … Continue reading

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The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living

The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living This initiative is named after Fr Thomas Merton, the famous American Trappist monk. It isn’t a monastery, though this site is connected with Merton’s old abbey. It seems to be a virtual meeting point … Continue reading

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