I am deeply moved by this article by Deacon Jim of the Polish National Catholic Church who has a fine and spiritually-inspiring blog, Deacon’s Blog. Last July, the PNCC prepared to consecrate Father Roald Flemstad as the first Bishop of the Nordic Catholic Church. Deacon Jim wrote this: In solidarity with the people of Norway.

* * *

I kveld gråter vi med dem som gråter. — We weep with those who weep.

In these days of sorrow we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Norway, and all members of the Nordic Catholic Church. Know that our prayers and thoughts are with you.

This coming Monday, the Feast of St. James the Greater, Apostle, I will stand with the Very Rev. Roald Flemstad on the occasion of his consecration as bishop in our Lord and Savior’s Holy Catholic Church. The gift once given to the then Rev. Franciszek Hodur, so as to organize the Holy Polish National Catholic Church, is to be passed on to the Holy Nordic Catholic Church. I will stand with them and by my mere presence will offer support and prayer for them, and all the people of Norway.

* * *

What a beautiful message that is so full of the love of Christ! Now we understand why Bishop Flemestad now prepares to come to the help of Christians in England, Germany, France and yet other countries.

Ego enim accepi a Domino quod et tradidi vobis.

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3 Responses to Solidarity

  1. Neil S Hailstone says:

    Merci a Dieu! I emote with what has been posted here. Because we have no mountains in Cornwall I visit Iceland out of season to get a mountain fix with me being a mountain man and Keflavik being but 3 hours away going and 2 and a half coming back. I’m a bit hardy where cold temperatures are concerned. These trips can easily be accomplished outside the tourist season with my de luxe hotel room costing as little as £18 pn instead of £126 and the flight return at £250 as opposed to £600. Then I use public bus transport. No trains in Island but plenty of cheap buses in Reykjavik and long distance buses elsewhere. Very affordable.

    Sorry readers I’ve gone on just a bit. Now to the point I hear you say MMmm at last!

    The Lutheran Church in Island is in a bad way. I have discussed these issues with Icelandic folk.

    Even with the regulars in the Islenski Barrin on PostHussstraeti in the capital a traditional Icelandic pub with lovely food at affordable prices. And with others at the Hallgrimskirkja the architecturally glorious cathedral in the city centre.

    So please can everyone associated with the growing mission of the NCC in England and Europe join me in influencing an extension of our activities to Iceland.

    Takk Fyrir


  2. Neil S Hailstone says:

    Father Anthony

    First point totally no way! I like flying and Icelandair is brilliant.

    Second point I have come across folk lamenting the state of the Lutheran Church in Island certainly. So far general conversation only but I will be returning and then I will set about the dissemination of information about the NCC with intent. My knowledge of Islenska is decidedly limited but thankfully pretty much all Icelanders under 50 speak a fair degree of English. The present young generation fluently.

    And Yes you couldn’t get more Nordic if you tried. Founded by Ingolfur Arnasson a Viking from Norway. Here and now given the economic storms there are many away working in Norway.

    Gott Kvold


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