The Use of Nidaros

Fr Sean Finnegan, the English Roman Catholic priest known for having celebrated Sarum Masses in Merton College chapel in the 1990’s, has produced a posting on his blog on The Use of Nidaros. This is the pre-Reformation Norwegian use, which I am sure would be of great interest to Bishop Roald Flemestad of the Nordic Catholic Church. Fr Finnegan has transcribed the Ordinary of Mass and published it.

This Mass order is closer to the Roman Rite than the Use of Sarum, as I doubt that Norway would have sought inspiration from the customs of those who invaded England in the eleventh century. However, there are some parallels with the Use of York.

I hadn’t looked at his blog for some time, and he wrote here to enquire about ceremonial details of Sarum low mass. What a surprise when I went to look at Valle Adurni and found this. Thank you, Father.

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