Ordinations in the Nordic Catholic Church

Two new deacons were ordained last Sunday in the Nordic Catholic Church by Bishop Roald Flemestad. The newly ordained are Michael Catenacci and Bjørn Nicolaisen. Magnus Sterner was ordained an acolyte. Deacon Catenacci and Acolyte Sterner will serve in Stockholm, Sweden, and Deacon Nicolaisen will serve in Trondheim.

Going by the photo, there was less snow up there in frozen Norway than here in France!

See here for more photos and an article in Swedish.

I send the newly ordained my prayers and congratulations.

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2 Responses to Ordinations in the Nordic Catholic Church

  1. Don’t know if it’s the quality or resolution of the photos but the vestments look so much better than vestments I’ve seen used in either Roman Catholic or Anglican Churches. The vestment quality and design truly looks wonderful.

    Somehow I don’t think the PNCC here in the USA has such quality vestments either but then I have never seen any photos of any PNCC liturgical worship. Seems they can’t afford cameras.

  2. gary carson says:

    Matthew the Wayfarer doesn’t get out much!

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