Friendly e-mails

I have received many sympathetic messages over the past day following my announcement that I would no longer send any articles to the English Catholic blog. That blog remains as a “museum” or archive of information that can be searched. I do not believe in suppressing knowledge. I will do the minimum necessary to keep the blog on line, perhaps a little posting about gardening or walking the dog, or having a cup of tea in Pickering, or whatever. We will see what kind of impression we will get from reading those comments in five years or just a couple of months.

We need to be focused and creative.  I have had encouraging correspondence with someone I have found very sympathetic, and I may say more when the last of the cobwebs are blown away by the fresh spring breeze – the kind that fills my sails…

In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about subjects. There’s a whole load on Sarum Holy Week and that will take some work. I also have the task of doing it with my more than limited means. As I said Mass of St Benedict this morning, ideas came into my mind about being very little in the Lord’s vineyard. In the old days, those priests nobody cares about these days were given humble jobs in parishes. They were the prêtres auxiliaires, something like the chantry priests of medieval England. I pray that the Church will begin to care about those who have fallen by the wayside and only ask for forgiveness or just a simple acknowledgement that we Goliards exist.

I have confidence that light will shine, and in the meantime I’ll try to get some quality articles up. Of course I am open to suggestions.

Again, a hearty thank you to all who have written to me.

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