Meeting with Cardinal de Paluel

Today, I had a most important meeting with Cardinal de Paluel.

His Eminence doesn’t move very much. This is the north cardinal buoy that marks the limits beyond which boats may not approach the nuclear power station of Paluel. Here he is in all his glory! His exact position is 49° 52,1 N 0° 38,15 E (sorry I had to make a correction – Google Earth is not reliable so I found a local source).

I sailed out from Veulettes sur Mer, a long tack out to sea and then I tacked when His Eminence was at 100° off my starboard beam, which gave me plenty of wind for my port tack to the meeting. The interview was brief and not very wordy, so I returned to Veulettes.

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6 Responses to Meeting with Cardinal de Paluel

  1. ed pacht says:

    had me going there! 😉

  2. Bp. Ed Steele, ALCC says:

    That’s probably the best type of meeting to ever have with a cardinal…except for perhaps the occasional one that lands on our patio.


  3. Fr. Bobby C. Hall says:

    Having lived on the Texas Gulf Coast and navigating its waterways for a number of years you really have to watch out for Cardinal buoys because they can be real flashers.

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