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The Traditional Anglican Church in Britain (TAC) has a new website. This is a happy development, and I look forward to seeing this site completed and refined, as it surely will be. My congratulations to the web designer and to Canon Ian Gray, our Vicar General.

Just a raised eyebrow when reading the “contact” page. Other pages of the site are lifted verbatim from the old site.

The Presiding Bishop was until Easter Archbishop John Hepworth of the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia. There is now no Presiding Bishop; opinions vary on whether there is an Acting Presiding Bishop.

These are the words from Fr Michael Gray (not Canon Ian Gray the present Vicar General) who ran the old web site (I have a copy of it on my hard disk) and who has now left the TTAC. According to a letter I received from Archbishop Prakash informing me of my own canonical situation, the TTAC is under the jurisdiction of Bishop Craig Botterill of Canada, so the TTAC would recognise Archbishop Prakash to be the Acting Primate.

It seems that the former TAC site, the “Messenger” is not being updated. Opinions vary as to the authority of a new site.

Fr Owen Buckton was running the Messenger and was until a few days ago the Vicar General in Australia. He is believed still to be a priest in the ACCA. There is no word of a new Australian web site.

In Great Britain (Ireland has a separate church), the Episcopal Visitor was Bishop David Moyer. He has ceased to act. Opinions vary as to whether he has been replaced.

This is very definitely from the old site, and no mention is made of Bishop Botterill. I have documentary evidence (pdf’s of letters from Archbishop Prakash and e-mails from Bishop Botterill and Canon Gray) that the TTAC recognises itself as being under Bishop Botterill’s jurisdiction as Episcopal Visitor.

As I said, the site needs to be completed and refined, and not merely be a cosmetic remake of the old site. There is still work to be done, supposedly after a good meeting of the Vicar General, the new area Deans and the person doing the web site. Over to them…

* * *

There is, however, another possible conjecture, that the TTAC does not recognise itself as part of the TAC as led by Archbishop Prakash, and would be waiting for the possibility of membership in another Church body. In that case, the new web site might seem to be the prelude to such a move. That is only a guess on my part and I may be completely wrong even to think of such a possibility.

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5 Responses to New TTAC Website

  1. Dear Father Anthony, I too saw the site , but found it rather confusing. Why are they calling themselves “Traditional Anglican Church” instead of Traditional Anglican Communion in Britain? It almost gives the impression that they started a new movement. It is true that Father Owen Buckton was the editor and the producer of ” The Messenger ” , but the paper has not gone out a long time. I think the page has been used on Fr.Graeme Mitchell site to use it for announcements, although as we are all used too, they have been very sparse. Fr. Buckton will at some stage go into the Ordinariate of the Southern Cross here in Australia , it is just a matter of time . He has done a wonderful job for the ACCA/TAC , parish work and also his work on the Messenger. Well done.

    With all the happenings within the ACCA/TAC and the pending enquiry , I would think that we are a long way off a new website for the ACCA/TAC, let alone the revival of the TAC Messenger.

    Enquiries continue whether the ACCA/TAC can continue as a going concern and I am afraid that this will be a matter of time.Father Graeme Mitchell is long time friend of mine and was of course also a former Priest colleague , we used to talk regularly on Skype, At the moment his Skype phone is not being answered , although it is switched on. I guess as registrar and the current situation in the ACCA/TAC, he has enough of his plate. Again , we shall have to wait for the outcome and we should pray for a good outcome.

    Father Ed Bakker OPR

    • I have kept a copy of the old TTAC web site on my hard disk. It had been produced by a priest who has since left the TAC and may have joined the Ordinariate, though he has not been (yet) RC-ordained. His life is none of my business, and I want to take that matter no further.

      What I find amazing is that this is a new site, it took so long to do, but yet has just been a cosmetic makeover from the old site. There are factual errors, namely being unsure whether there was a legitimate Acting Primate and Bishop Moyer having resigned (or been removed) without any mention of Bishop Botterill, who has been named by +Prakash as the Episcopal Visitor. These matters could have been corrected before the site was put up. It appears to me that the person who put up the site had no knowledge of what was going on in the TAC since March 2012 and his only source of information was the old site.

      There is a feeling of amateurism, inertia and lack of care about these texts. This is something I have found about continuing Anglican and independent Catholic churches in general. There is a lack of knowledge and experience of procedures, theology and the way churches are run. This gives rise to the way RC apologists and zealots refer to continuing Anglicans as “playing church” like children playing “house” or “doctors and nurses”. If the mainstream churches fail, marginal churches are not an alternative. Failing going to another mainstream church on its terms, in this place, it is the end of Christianity – or there are new wine and new bottles somewhere. A new form of Christian mission and living…

      It has been pointed out by someone that the church in Lincoln is a kind of museum and cultural centre. That person, who lives in England, could find no evidence of TAC services in the church, and e-mails and phone calls go unanswered. This lack of reactivity is worrying, and the situation seems the same in Australia – a corpse being kept “alive” on a respirator to keep the liver, kidneys and other organs alive for future transplanting.

      I hope I am wrong.

    • Why are they calling themselves “Traditional Anglican Church” instead of Traditional Anglican Communion in Britain?

      The title has always been The Traditional Anglican Church (TTAC). The “in Britain” part would be simply an unofficial addition.

  2. Dear Father Anthony,

    Thanks very much for your feedback. Yes I recall the Church in Lincoln to be on the front pages of the former TAC Messenger a few times.I have a feeling that it is all over as far as the TAC is concerned in the UK. I guess we shall see in the future.

    Father Ed Bakker OPR

  3. Joe Hooper says:

    Dear Fr Anthony,

    It is probably safe to assume that TTAC is proceeding cautiously with depleted resources and I am glad to see that it has at last achieved a new web presence. I believe that a synod was planned to be held at Lincoln in October and presumably any necessary changes will begin to appear thereafter.

    As to the name of the Church, it is listed in the Traditional Anglican Communion Concordat of 1990 as amended in 2003, as The Traditional Anglican Church England. ‘Britain’ is slightly more accurate though GB would include Scotland as well as Wales (which reflects the area of jurisdiction claimed on the website). Perhaps more accurate still would be ‘GB and Normandy’? Now that has a good ring to it!


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