New Ideas, Fresh Blood

I found an idea in a blog – I won’t say which one, and it doesn’t matter. That is an idea for diversifying this blog a little and get it out of its own “box”. Blogging can seem like a guy getting up on his soapboax, inviting people to write nice intelligent comments and putting in the earplugs when he gets the hecklers and the trolls.

Obviously, this blog has its “niche” which is different from that of the old English Catholic, though there have been temptations and actual “sins” of discussing the Ordinariates, the TAC and Archbishop Hepworth. Those subjects are still discussed by Fr Smuts and Deborah Gyapong in Foolishness to the World. And why not? – if they can handle some of the very unpleasant opinions this subject attracts among others. The original “niche” of this blog was the notion of “northern” Catholicism (Anglicanism, Gallican French Catholicism, Lutheranism and Old Catholicism among other expressions as opposed to the Ultramontanist Latin south), the liturgical traditions of our part of the world, and finally the collusion between theology and certain artistic and cultural movements with which I identify. This blog is a little more “personal” than “church”, but the two can never be separated entirely.

The reason I don’t give up on the Internet is that, in the midst of the morass of potty ideologies and bigotry, there are real gems of wisdom and insight. That is certainly true of my comment boxes, especially recently. So, I would say that this is an over-to-you opportunity, especially for those who don’t have their own blogs for whatever reason.

You can leave comments with suggestions or write to me privately at anthony DOT chadwick AT wanadoo DOT fr (remove spaces and substitute the words in upper case with the symbols they describe). You can contribute whole articles which can bear your name or be anonymous as you wish. However, I would edit and publish them at my discretion.

Just a few rules:

  • Keep it relevant to the general spirit of this blog, to Christian theology and practice in a “free” perspective.
  • Avoid “one true church” polemics and apologetics, for any church, whether Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican or anything else.
  • Keep your suggestion or article brief, concise and logical. Don’t ramble (even if I do at times).
  • Avoid rudeness or negative comments about “free” Christians as well as the mainstream Churches. No “trashing” of persons. I want to promote a spirit of education and mutual edification, of brotherly love and trust between us in the cyber community.
  • You can write the article and send it to me, or you make the suggestions and I’ll write the article as best as I can.
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5 Responses to New Ideas, Fresh Blood

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  2. Indeed always Luther… “theologia crucis”! From which I find anyway, the Pauline “Christ Jesus”! 😉

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