This is not to be taken personally by anybody, but if I feel that during the course of a thread of comments, someone is trying to steer the conversation in a direction of proselytising for the religious organisation he or she belongs to (Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, “classical Anglican” position, whatever), that e-mail address will be put on moderated status.

I am perhaps wrong with my “liberal” attitude of allowing separated bodies to claim membership of the Catholic Church at the same time all in being separated in denominational terms. I am revolted by the attitude of upholding a “one true church” and claiming that all others are graceless heretics, impostors, liars, deceivers or whatever. I have had enough of conflicts over a particular understanding of “truth” and this level of discussion from which it is impossible to rise to more spiritual and theological considerations.

There are plenty of apologetics sites on behalf of institutional churches seeking converts and a monopoly in the spiritual “market”. Each spiritual seeker may choose between conservative or liberal Roman Catholicism, conservative or liberal Orthodoxy, conservative or liberal Anglicanism, four-square Protestantism, take your pick. One may also become so tired of it all that you can turn your attention and priorities in life to material things and forget God and religious matters altogether.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against someone who is a devout member of one of those Churches and loves it, and would die for his conviction of revealed truth. There are many beautiful things in all these institutional Churches in which the Christ-Mystery subsists and resides. I have been reduced to tears by the beauty of the Russian Liturgy at Ennismore Gardens as I have been by the monastic Offices and Mass at Fontgombault or Evensong in an English cathedral or the intimate worship of a handful of young men in a private house. The Catholic Church is manifested in many ways in many different Christian communities, even those that do not have the Apostolic priesthood or the Sacraments other than Baptism and Matrimony. I defend another’s right to his convictions, and I have mine – and this is my blog.

Everyone can start a blog. Word Press and others make it easy, and you just have to have ideas and have a good style of writing. This particular Speaker’s Corner is open to all.

I have said this time and time again. Not all “true church apologists” are trolls with a narcissistic and predatory type of behaviour at they sit at their computer keyboards. Some are very pleasant people, but with this obsessive hobby-horse that wheels itself back into position whatever you say. I make the distinction and I do not want to suppress freedom of opinion. So, in order to keep this spirit of freedom and dialogue, let’s get out of the rut of this very boring theme.

So I’m asking nicely without moderating anyone (other than the really poisonous trolls) at this time.

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