Hurricane Sandy

Latest Hurricane Sandy's Satellite Photos and Videos (Updating Live)

It was just yesterday that I became aware of Hurricane Sandy, a continent-sized storm turning towards New York and the north-eastern states, and perhaps parts of the Canadian coast. It makes my discussion of European autumn and winter weather almost obscene!

Boating has made me take an interest in meteorology, to learn to read clouds and conditions as can be observed. As much as possible, I’m out of the water when the weather gets rough! We all get anxious when extreme weather becomes increasingly frequent. Is it us with our machines and our pollution? Is it the cycles of the sun and us humans doing no good? I too saw the film The Day After Tomorrow. The theme is the melting of the ice caps causing the Gulf Stream to stop and the new ice age. Can you imagine the entire human race having to move to the Equator? If something like that happens, most of us will die from cold and hunger. However, most of what I have read maintains that such an event would not happen in that short time frame.

All the same, we depend on our planet and its climate. It’s possible that Mars was once like earth, whether or not it had life on it, and then something happened to the planet’s magnetism and all the water evaporated out of the atmosphere. Could Mars be a reflection of Earth in the future? It certainly should teach us humility, because we can live only within a fairly narrow range of temperatures and we need so much water and food.

We can but pray, that the storm will turn eastwards out to sea (but we Europeans don’t want it here!!!), or that as many people as possible can be protected and saved. If you live in those areas, please be assured of our prayers.

Update – events at sea:

A replica of the HMS Bounty built for the famous 1962 film Mutiny on the Bounty has been abandoned off the North Carolina coast. 14 out of 17 persons on board have been saved and 3 are still missing. The ship has sunk.

Here is a modern cruise ship struggling in the heavy seas of Hurricane Sandy. The Captain is doing exactly the right thing, taking the waves at about 45 degrees to avoid the risk of capsizing, but the roll is terrifying. Please, no jokes about seasickness!

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