Happy Thanksgiving

I wish my American readers a happy Thanksgiving. Whatever this tradition and feast mean to each of you, I wish you a good and holy day.

On this 22nd November, it is also the Feast of Saint Cecilia, the Patron Saint of musicians.

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1 Response to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Jim of Olym says:

    We will indeed enjoy the feast! Going off to visit friends, play ‘old time music’ with fiddles and guitars and banjoes (and probably recorders!) and will be thinking of you in old Limey who don’t have this holiday when we do. Not forgetting the Native Americans who just shake their heads, eat turkey etc, and quietly bemoan the fact that the white people tried to eradicate them. And I have some ‘Indian’ friends who feel strongly about this and they do have a point.

    My ancestors came over shortly after the Mayflower, and my dad was named for anfamous scalper of the natives. I pray for all my ancestors. they probably need prayers wherever they are!

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