The Anglican Catholic Church of Canada

Canada is second in my attempts to survey the TAC, and this task is also facilitated by the high-quality website. The division between the ACCC and the ordinariate-bound occurred peacefully on the whole. There was a previous division involving the founders of the Traditional Anglican Church of Canada. The site still contains the March 2012 pdf bulletin which outlines how the division occurred.

There are twenty parishes and missions, which may seem very few for such a vast territory as Canada is. It is a single diocese under Bishop Craig Botterill. Last 22nd November, the Synod of the ACCC elected the Very Rev. Shane Janzen as Metropolitan of the Province of Canada and Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Canada of The Anglican Catholic Church of Canada. I would be grateful to know what is to become of Bishop Botterill, who does not seem to be of retiring age.

Bishop Botterill is Episcopal Vistor to the Traditional Anglican Church in England.

Remember, your informed comments are of utmost importance to fill in the gaps! Please stick to the “present state” rather than rake up the anger of the past.

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