The Anglican Church of India

This is a reposting of an old article (November 9th 2010) from the defunct English Catholic blog. I have edited the text a little.

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In October 2007, I had the honour of meeting Archbishop Samuel Prakash in Portsmouth at the College of Bishops meeting. Archbishop Prakash is Metropolitan of the Anglican Church in India, and he gave me a copy of his report to the College of Bishops. It is on the basis of this report that I give information about this highly dynamic member Church of the TAC. See the Anglican Church of India’s website.

The Anglican Church of India consists of six dioceses: Lucknow, Chotanagpur, Amritsar, Madras, Travancore & Cochin and Nandiyal. The Indian Church uses the 1928 English Book of Common Prayer, the English Missal and the King James Bible. This Church sought out an Episcopal succession in America in 1976-77, and Bishops Jai Singh Thakore and C.L. Parshad were consecrated. In 1982 a request was made to Archbishop Falk for other dioceses being formed or re-formed.

The Diocese of Amritsar is curiously mentioned by Cardinal Levada in his announcement of 20th October 2009: “Sometimes there have been groups of Anglicans who have entered while preserving some “corporate” structure. Examples of this include, the Anglican diocese of Amritsar in India, and some individual parishes in the United States”. This being said, there is no knowledge of an Anglican diocese of that Indian city being received corporately into communion with the Catholic Church. I don’t know what to make of the Cardinal’s words. However, the churches of this diocese are the original buildings of the Anglican Communion of before the formation of the Church of South India.

The Diocese of Chotanagpur has seven parishes and eight priests. The Archdiocese of Lucknow, headed by Archbishop Prakash has six churches and eight priests. I have no information about the numbers of faithful. The Diocese of Nandiyal has 41 congregations “with 2672 communities”. The Diocese of Travancore & Cochin has eight priests, a seminary, an orphanage, a house for elderly people and a nursery school. Two new churches have been built.

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