2012 statistics

Word Press is encouraging us to allow them to publish our statistics for 2012. I prefer to word it and format it in my own way.

I started this blog just under one year ago, which was well before my decision to close down the English Catholic blog in April 2012.

Here are the essential figures of views:
Jan        Feb        Mar      Apr       May       Jun
2,645    6,480    5,490    9,868    8,215    10,201

Jul           Aug       Sep        Oct          Nov        Dec         Total
11,353    9,336    12,828  13,289     13,999    15,760    119,464

Averages per Day
Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May     Jun
189     223    177       329     265      340

Jul     Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov     Dec    Overall
366    301     428    429     467      514     342

The statistics indicate a certain growth. Of course there is a difference between views and visitors, because a visitor might look at the site more than once a day. Word Press now indicates the number of different visitors each day. My recent daily average is about 200, peaking at about 230.

Like on Fr Smuts blog, numbers of readers and views increase when there is anything that seems sensational on the TAC, a tendency I don’t find very healthy. My list of search terms reveals readers looking for information on the TAC and the Union of Scranton / PNCC. Some are looking for my particular areas of knowledge of sailing boats and sailing. Others are looking for information on the Use of Sarum. I am happy if I can be of service.

I also wish a happy New Year to my readers, hoping that 2013 will bring us all an increase of faith, hope and empathy / ἀγάπη.

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2 Responses to 2012 statistics

  1. Patricius says:

    My own statistics are rather more dismal than that. In December of last year I had (roughly – sitemeter is, after all, a free service!) just shy of 4,000 visitors, which was on the decline compared with the previous January, where I had over 5,000; this December I have scraped together just over 3,000, which has risen sharply compared with previous months as a result of churning out meaningless, ill-thought-out posts.

    May I ask you to beware, father, lest the more vulgar journalistic aspect of blogging (that is, the sole desire to maintain readers) takes over? Your worth as a writer is not diminished because you have fewer readers, although you seem to be doing quite well.

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