Requiem for Dom Klaus Schlapps

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating a Requiem Mass in the Use of Sarum for Dom Klaus Schlapps who died last Sunday, probably around 11am GMT tomorrow. Those who wish may unite themselves spiritually with this Mass from wherever they are, however far away.

As I mentioned in the Facebook page, I never met Dom Klaus. I have been told that he enjoyed reading my blog. I have always heard about the way he wanted to raise standards of quality of the clergy and a sense of professionalism. He took a dim view of the more “sleazy” and “amateurish” side of independent clergy.


I have read short accounts about the history of the Order of Port Royal. The original Abbey of Port Royal des Champs was a Cistercian community in France which was suppressed by order of Louis XIV in the context of the Jansenist controversy. The Jansenists were forced to flee from France and were welcome in the Netherlands. Thus a very solid link was forged between the Archdiocese of Utrecht and the “Jansenist” Cistercians. There was the inspiration.

Dom Klaus did an admirable job of reviving the Cistercian ideal in an Old Catholic context, and their web site can be seen by all. It is my hope and prayer that Dom Klaus’s spiritual legacy will live on and that the community may overcome this tragic bereavement and loss of such a fine Abbot.

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7 Responses to Requiem for Dom Klaus Schlapps

  1. Blessings of the day Father Anthony,

    Thank you for the write up. I was shocked to hear of + Klaus’s passing . I too, this week celebrated a Requiem Mass for the repose of his soul. It would be fair to say that we now have a good intercessor for us in Heaven. Here was a man when I was a shipwrecked Priest, who came to my rescue and showed me solid Christian love and charity. If we could only see much more of this. He will be sadly missed. My role with the OPR has come to an end and have returned to active duties in the ACC/OP and I am at peace.

    Yours in Christ,

    Father Ed Bakker

  2. ed pacht says:

    Order of Port Royal. Fr. Anthony has posted quite a bit about them.

    • I feel so sad to learn of the passing away of this wonderful man of God. He visited us here in Cameroon many times and has helped our young community of the Benedictine sisters of Bethany A Benedictine
      community in Cameroon under the Anglican Church of Cameroon. This is very sad news. I believe he is with God and he will be praying for us. I feel for the community for missing such a wonderful and loving Abbot,
      May his soul rest in Perfect peace.

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