Papal Speeches

This is becoming a new fad with:

It was Brian Coyne’s “papal” speech in the anti-conservative Catholica Forum that gave me the idea of Celestine VI. I was originally against doing a papal speech for fear of committing plagiarism, but my ideas are too different from My Coyne’s to do such a thing. I found some things, especially the sex abuse issue, in Mr Coyne’s Pope with which I would agree, but I do find his judgements about those who want traditional liturgies to be harsh, especially in other threads. His words have been very strong about the Ordinariates and those who dared to leave their original Anglican community! Otherwise, his plan proved of some use, but I quickly parted company from it. This is often a fault of those who are in the “liberal camp”. I also detest the political spin that accompanies the question of women priests and the LGBT agenda. The extremes leave me with a feeling of loathing.

I’ll keep a look out for more papal speeches (other than real ones) and will link to them.

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2 Responses to Papal Speeches

  1. William Tighe says:

    I am hoping for Leo XIV.

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