Update: I have apologised to Caedmon (see comment below) for having identified him with EmbryoParson. I therefore modify this article in consequence.

* * *

He really does seem to be be passionately interested in my writings despite having protested too much in his latest update to The Conciliar Anglican (Fr. Jonathan) on The Rise of Parties.

Here is his article of today – Fr. Anthony Chadwick on Participation by Grace in the Life of God. I haven’t bothered to read it.

I post this article lest I should be in some way “admitting defeat” in the face of a supposedly stronger and more credible theological position. I am unwilling to discuss theology or anything with this man because he lacks the most elementary courtesy and I do not know his identity. Also, I have to admit that I have never taken any significant interest in Reformed theology except in a general context of church history. My knowledge of Calvin and others is only notional. But, it is above all on principle that this man is not admitted into my “household”.

He started it all. Secondly, he does not represent any significant proportion of the Continuing Anglican movement, but only his bigoted opinion. The only complement I will grant him is having set up his own blog instead of trolling in other people’s comment boxes. I always find anonymity suspicious.

I will simply end by noting some advice from a person of confidence who has known his contributions to a forum under another pseudonym. Since then, he has changed to EmbryoParson. His real identity is elusive, “but indications are that he has moved around quite a bit and earned for himself a reputation for being loudly dissatisfied and combative“.  He seems to have done quite a lot of church-hopping in his time, but that is not something I care about. He lives in a free world and so do I, but I will not have him dictating to me or anyone I esteem.

My own readers are welcome to read EmbryoParson‘s blog if they wish and evaluate it as they see fit. He can now say what he wants – I couldn’t care less.

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7 Responses to EmbryoParson

  1. Caedmon says:

    Dear Fr. Chadwick,
    What in the world gave you the idea that I am ‘Embryo Parson’? The last time I changed my address was 23 years ago, and I am not, and have never been, a member of any of the continuing jurisdictions. I’m still wondering does the ‘Calvinistic’ element in the Articles really come from Calvin or from Augustine and Aquinas.

  2. The Embryo Parson says:

    Just so it’s clear, I did formerly use the handle “Caedmon” at the Anglican Diaspora forum and elsewhere. I am not to be confused with the “Caedmon” who sometimes comments here . That needed clarification being made for the above “Caedmon’s” sake, I won’t comment here again, Fr. Chadwick, pursuant to your wishes.

    And my name is Christopher Little.

  3. ed pacht says:

    I’m glad of the clarification also. I did not think the Caedmon here sounded just like the Caedmon I knew at Anglican Diaspora (where I am a moderator). As for Caedmon/Embryoparson/Mr.Little, I’ve locked horns with him and found him to be prickly (as he, I’m sure has thought me to be) and yet regard him as a friend.

  4. Charles says:

    I still don’t quite understand what this is all about. Mr. Little is a friend as well, and I’ve seen debates between blogs that remain fairly civil. Often thick skin in needed. Robert Hart is a famous blog-pugilist with an occasional low-blow up his sleeve, but overall he’s respected even by those who disagree. When mutual agreement can’t be had, I guess you just move on. I’ve seen this at Retro-church (another ACC blog), but I don’t think even there any hard feelings stuck between polemicists. I’m actually glad when this kind of stuff blows over

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