Western Rite Russian Orthodoxy in England

I received a private e-mail to give me information about how Western Orthodoxy under the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia is developing in England. Some might want to trash it, but my own attitude is to encourage them in their own work in God’s Vineyard. I am a lowly priest in the Anglican Catholic Church, but I have an open mind to any other little community that is doing practically the same work as we try to do.

We should be cultivating friendly relationships. Indeed, when I observed that there was no Western Orthodox presence in England, I should have been clearer about there being no Antiochian WR liturgies in England. They are under ROCOR and the community’s priest Fr Thomas Cook. In his correspondence, he cracked a little jibe about if we thought the ACC is small, we should take a look at the little WR Orthodox vicariate in the UK under Bishop Jerome of Manhattan!

They have a presence on the internet in two forms:

They have the liturgical usages they have. They are as small as us in the ACC or even smaller. No human community, even a religious one, is perfect. We all have something worthy of criticism and needing improvement. Whatever, I think they should be encouraged and make a permanent part of the English world of traditional Catholicism in the widest meaning of this term.

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