Housekeeping and New Page

There is now an Orthodox Blow-Out Department permanent page on this blog (on the black bar below the dancing Goliards) for the discussion of intra and inter Orthodox questions. Comments can be added to those pages just like any posting. I have had to remove some off-topic comments from my recent posting on the Sarum liturgy which contains only a passing and non-polemical mention of Orthodoxy.

The comments from the recent Sarum posting are reproduced on that page and removing from their original place. Those interested in these questions should post only in the “blow-out department” and nowhere else.

I may also institute Anglican and Roman Catholic “blow-out departments” for comments of a polemical and sectarian nature if called for.

Please respect my clear wishes. I don’t like moderating people other than those who are truly spiteful trolls (usual criteria), especially when they are otherwise pleasant and intelligent people.

So, gentlemen, please – in the right place – “at the other side of the quadrangle where you can all go and do it together“.

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