Just a Little Note on Blowing-Out

The Orthodox Blow-Out Department has really taken off as its “classical” Anglican and Roman Catholic counterparts have not. Most of the incoming comments linked to from the right-hand sidebar of this page are going that direction.

Firstly, I would like to say that this is a sideshow and not the primary subject of this blog, so the blowing-out is both visible everywhere and isolated in its own “compartment”. All the same, I continue to ask readers to write rationally and not emotionally – and never to resort to ad hominem attacks. Some people feel very strongly about things, especially when they have been personally thwarted, airbrushed out or disappointed by church authorities. Such blows are certainly not the fault of other blog readers here.

If we are Christians, we should be forgiving, not just 7 times but 77 times – and more. Life is difficult. We just have to take it. Sometimes we are pushed out of the church community we trusted, and all we can do is rebuild differently with humility in our hearts.

Just remember that birds fly, pigs wallow in the mud and cows eat grass. Humans also do what we in our different situations of life are designed to do.

There is no provision for comments here, but you can comment on the blow-out page. Just please keep it civil.

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