The ACC in the UK and Europe

Our diocesan website has just revised its locations map to include my Chaplaincy here in France.

acc-mapThe layout is interesting. Under the previous incumbent Bishop Hamlett, the ACC was a more northern phenomenon. The locations in Bolton and Manchester reflect the best of that era. Our Bishop lives in Kent and has his Episcopal See in the same city as the Primate of the Church of England. We also have other clergy in Kent and Surrey. Two outposts lie in Devon and Wales. We have a house group in Durham and efforts are being made to rebuild the parish in Whitby.

It is interesting to see that only the places of worship in Kent and Surrey – the London area – are nearer to our Bishop than I am. I really need a boat big enough to cross the Channel – patience, patience. I should be able to find a mooring almost in my Bishop’s backyard!

This balance between north and south in England is most welcome and a sign of stability in our Church. I am a born and bred northerner, but my mother was a native of Surrey. Please pray for us labouring in the Lord’s vineyard.

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4 Responses to The ACC in the UK and Europe

  1. Neil Hailstone says:

    I am an Anglican Catholic member of a different jurisdiction but I do pray regularly for Bishop Mead, clergy and people of the ACC. Et aussi pour L’aumônerie en France. Regular readers and visitors here will now be experiencing a (welcome?) break from my occasional contributions as I am away to New Zealand very shortly to stay with my son until the winter and will be resting up looking at the ocean and the mountains and refraining from involvement in my usual faith and political activities other than attending Holy Mass at St Barnabas in Oriental Bay and walking in the Rimutaki Mountains.

    • May God bless you on your long voyage to the other side of the world. I have always heard that New Zealand is beautiful, but full of hazards for unwary seafarers. May you have a restful and illuminating time. Regardless of which church body we belong to, we share the same faith, the same Sacraments and the same Lord. We pray also for your bishops and other clergy who have each to live with their “situations”. If you have access to the Internet down there, please send comments.

  2. fatheredbakker says:

    Best wishes for your New Zealand trip Neil, I have lived in Wellington a number of years and have been a thurifer at Saint Barnabas Roseneath in the early eighties. One of the very few Catholic Parishes in the Wellington Anglican Diocese.
    Yours in Christ
    Fr Ed Bakker

  3. fatheredbakker says:

    Prayers being said for all in your Diocese Fr Anthony.

    Fr Ed Bakker

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