Prayers for Fr Robert Hart

Fr Robert Hart announces the loss of his father in The Continuum. I extend my deepest sympathy to him and his family, and will remember his father at the altar.

Fr Hart and I didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye when I was a TAC priest under Archbishop Hepworth, and I was not always very kind to him. He and I both serve as priests in the same Anglican Catholic Church – Original Province. This is a time for forgiveness and outreach to a fellow priest suffering the same pain of loss as I have also suffered this year with the passing of my dear mother.

I ask your prayers for Father Robert Hart and his family in this moment of turning to God in hope and faith.

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1 Response to Prayers for Fr Robert Hart

  1. fredbakker says:

    Thank you for that Father Anthony,
    Will pray, absolutely. My blog is back in operation
    Father Ed Bakker

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