Ordinariate Use

The news is breaking that the English Ordinariate has its new Use for the Mass in parallel with the Roman rite they have been using until now. The best article on this subject I have been able to find is Introducing the Ordinariate Use in The New Liturgical Movement.

I have not seen the order of Mass in question and I would be interested to see whether the temporal cycle of Sundays will follow the Sarum / Prayer Book system or the Sundays “in ordinary time” (per annum). There is also the question of the Ember Days and Septuagesima tide. More importantly, if the old liturgical year is followed, we need to see how they will harmonise the old propers with the three-year lectionary, which we assume they will keep, but which is designed for the 1969 temporal cycle.

The question only concerns me as a matter of curiosity, but I’ll keep an eye open for when it all gets published on the internet.

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3 Responses to Ordinariate Use

  1. Matthew the Wayfarer says:

    Might be a while Father. They are as tight lipped as an Aldeberan Shellmouth!

    • I wonder whether the people in the pews will be sworn to secrecy! Someone wrote to me about the order of Mass and asked me not to say anything. They must be very frightened when they have to resort to “cloak and dagger” tactics. It just proves how divided the Churches are!

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