More Commentary

I shake my head compassionately when I read Fr. Munn, Fr. Chadwick and The Embryo Parson on the 2013 Provincial Synod of the Anglican Catholic Church (Etc.).

It’s an interesting piece from someone about to church hop again – see By The Way, The Embryo Parson Is Going REC.

The article pretty well bangs the same old drum and I have other things to do. He’s not essentially wrong in that our standard, at least in England, is more or less pre-Reformation in the essentials. I don’t think any of us are ashamed of that. Is we disappear because of it, so be it. As we draw towards November, we are brought to meditate on our own mortality and to confide our departed loved ones to God’s mercy.

I’m sure Embryo Parson will enjoy the traffic I drive to his blog. I take the words out of his mouth (or hands typing on his keyboard). It doesn’t really matter. I bid him peace and God’s consolation in his pilgrimage to the REC.

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