Sarum Calendar

Sarum Ordo 2014

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I haven’t always published the Sarum calendar here, but here is the one that begins on the first Sunday of Advent (1st December 2013) and ends on Sunday 30th November 2014 (Advent I) which displaces the feast of St Andrew. It is nothing like a full ordo with instructions for the Office and matters like whether or not there is the Gloria or Creed, etc. at Mass. All that information is found in the Pie, and generally in the general rubrics and the propers themselves. The general rules are not that different from the Roman rite. One difference to note is the total absence of the Gloria during Advent and Lent, even on saints’ feasts and the replacement of Ite missa est by Benedicamus Domino.

I simply take the standard Gregorian calendar days and dates and put in the saints as they occur in the Sarum calendar (which followed the Julian calendar in the sixteenth century). I then put in the Sundays and other ferias. The privileges of some feasts over Sundays and other days is quite obvious, but I haven’t gone into the rubrics in great detail. Things become obvious as you open the missal in the appropriate places. Feasts that just could not take the place of a Sunday or things like Holy Week are either “crushed” or transferred to the nearest available day when important enough.

Octaves don’t always get a mention, so you need to see in the missal whether you need to commemorate them in the course of the week in question. It is a “bare bones” and practical approach to remind you of the essential, and that the rubrics to be followed are in the missal and breviary themselves. I have had a second pair of eyes look through for howlers, such as a Sunday of last year appearing on a weekday of this year, and none seem to mar this piece of work. If anyone does find errors, please let me know in the comment box of this posting, and I’ll make the corrections when all the notifications of errors are in.

I have also put in some feasts from the Roman rite that do not appear in the Use of Sarum, generally celebrated by Anglicans using the English Missal and Anglican Missal. They are always entered in italics.

See my page on the Use of Sarum. Additional material from out-of-print books can be found here. Otherwise, rare books occasionally turn up in second-hand bookshops in England. You just have to be lucky!

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  1. CG says:

    I have the 2 vol. set of Warren’s Sarum Missal in English if anyone in Australia is searching for one. Also the1832 calf-bound Chamber’s Sarum Psalter/Hours of Prayer. Too heavy to post internationally given the exorbitant Australian postage rates. .

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