Happy Thanksgiving

What goes round comes round. Whatever Thanksgiving means to you, I wish my American readers a happy day.

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1 Response to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Father Martin says:

    For many years Southerners did not celebrate the day, not that we had any objection to giving thanks, we objected to the reason for the holiday. Abe Lincoln declared it a day of thanksgiving for the defeat of Confederate troops at the battles of Vicksburg and Gettysburg. Also the Fourth of July was not celebrated in the South for many years since these battles took place on the 3rd and 4th of July. The north also rewrote history to further propagandize their cause. The Spanish (Catholics) settled St. Augustine, Florida in September of 1565 and the British (Anglicans) settled Jamestown, Virginia in May of 1607, years before the boatload of dyspeptic and fanatically intolerant Puritans arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Roundsheads have been a problem both here and in England. Saint Charles, King and Martyr pray for us.

    The link will take you to an interesting website celebrating the life and unfortunate death of a great Southern Patriot, Anglican Bishop, Confederate General and founder of the University of the South…..Leonidas Polk. Part of the celebration took place at St. Hilda’s Anglican Catholic Church in Atlanta.


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