Beautiful Article on the O Antiphons

I am very heartened to see Patricius’ blog re-activating. May the flower continue to open!

Today in the Use of Sarum is the last one (since we sing O Sapientia on 16th December instead of the 17th in the Roman rite). We also celebrate the Rorate Mass of Our Lady on this day before Christmas Eve.

OVirgoVirginumO Virgo virginum, quomodo fiet istud? quia noc primam similem visa es, nec habere sequentem. Filæ Jerusalem, quid me admiramini? Divinum est mysterium hoc quod cernitis.

O Virgin of virgins! how shall this be? for never was there one like thee, nor will there ever be. Ye daughters of Jerusalem, why look ye wondering at me? What ye behold, is a divine mystery.

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1 Response to Beautiful Article on the O Antiphons

  1. Patricius says:

    That post started out as a good idea but I made no serious connexions; to me it just reads like sentimental gibberish or like two encyclopedia entries pasted together. Such tosh…

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