A Wistful Visit to the Sea

Since before Christmas, Europe has been buffeted by stormy weather, high winds and tidal surges. As I write, Brittany and western parts of the British Isles suffer from wind damage and flooding. It seems to be subsiding, and the wind is bound to change and bring icy Arctic weather.

Here it is incredibly mild for January and our shore is to windward of the sea. Today, I went to Saint Valéry en Caux to buy a few bits and pieces for my boat, as I look forward to the new season. There may be a weather window at the end of next week with mild weather, no rain for a couple of days and winds of 12 to 14 knots. But this far ahead, there’s no guarantee. There is always the option of the lake of Poses near Rouen if the sea is too heavy as it is likely to be. We don’t have the Solent on this side!

Here are a couple of photos I took with my new waterproof camera.

saint-valery1saint-valery2I await information from my Mirror-cruising correspondent in England about a detail of rigging, and I look forward to trying it all out. Most years, I have to wait until March to sail for the first time, but perhaps this January might be kind enough before the cold sets in. Who knows?

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3 Responses to A Wistful Visit to the Sea

  1. Michael Frost says:

    Enjoy your mild January. Freezing our behinds off in the American midwest. High yesterday was +11 deg F. High Monday forecasted to be -5 deg F.. I really don’t know how Canadians, Alaskans, Russians, and Scandanvians live so long in these temperatures! 🙂

    • Thank you. I’m no longer used to Fahrenheit, but it’s not difficult: -11°C and -37°C. We in western Europe (including England) rarely get lower than -10 to 15°C. We had snow last March, and we’ll probably get it – just as soon as we get NW winds instead of SSW and SW. We’re not yet out of the woods! I went to the US (Baltimore and upstate Pennsylvania) in January 1998 and saw freezing rain for the first time. Yes, it can get cold over there.

    • ed pacht says:

      Here in New Hampshire no one would talk of sailing on a lake right now — lakes are for walking on, or even driving trucks on — but the sea hasn’t frozen over.

      It warmed up in Rochester today, all the way from -4F up to +14F (-20C t0 -10C). Brrrrr.

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