More Conservative Delerium

I often get news bulletins from French and English-speaking conservative sources like Civitas in France. Sometimes things go a little far like this article in French – Des petits garçons en robe à l’école maternelle au nom de la théorie du genre


I have the impression that this article is based more on conjecture rather than fact. To me it is plain that the costumes in the above image are for the purpose of a game or having fun rather than having the boys identify as girls. Note the garland on the boy on the right. This is fancy dress.

These were points I made in an article the other day about the possibility of men with long hair who are neither homosexuals nor effeminate. I think it is healthy for children to cross-dress for the purpose of play. When I was that age, my sisters and I had a big chest full of dresses and girl’s things, and I put them on for fun as they did, and we “played girls”. I also had my boy’s things like cars, train sets, climbing trees and making things. I am not a transvestite or a trans-sexual for it.

This is one aspect of conservatism that discredits issues that are generally necessary, like contesting many of the left-wing “political correct” agendas. We need to learn to think, to reason, to examine things critically lest we trash our own credibility. I am not a conservative, or a traditional-ist, but a liturgical Christian – a Catholic. We do have moral principles, but we’re not going to stop children have fun as they grow up and discover their world.

Some things I read make me very angry.

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2 Responses to More Conservative Delerium

  1. ed pacht says:

    found it:

    It was an anti-bullying event that was indeed sponsored by a school. Are the owners of the blog you found it on advocating the continued bullying of kids perceived as “sissies”? How wonderfully Christian! I don’t see Jesus as a hater of sinners or of the different. He died for them! Perhaps the event will help these boys to become “real men” without having to fit the strait jacket of rigid (and not necessarily scriptural) gender roles.

    • So that’s where the photo came from! The people who write these ultra-macho articles probably would advocate bullying of “sissies”. It’s just like the pressure put on men to have “regulation” short hair. The conservatives (at least of this particular tendency) would have us all under some kind of military Junta, indoctrinated, watched, bullied, made to conform like in Europe in the 1930’s or North Korea today. Such a world would be the first circle of hell, and exactly like the Communists in the worst days of Stalin and Mao.

      Men do well to discover their “feminine” side like softness, tenderness, intuition, devotion to children and home, and women do well to discover the hardship of manual work and military service. What’s good for one is good for the other. Experience makes humans of us, and then we better assume our own gender. Jung called it the integration of the animus and the anima, so that we emerge as complete human beings – and not caricatures of the genders we are.

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