A Gold Mine of a Blog

Here is a blog I have been introduced to recently – Tony Equale’s Blog. There are many themes in it that ring very true with me. His latest article (I am waiting impatiently for part 2) is Universalist Christianity — part 1.

Far from being the source of exuberant joy, in sectarian Christianity the relationship to “God” has been made elusive and anxiety-ridden, and “God” an ominous task-master whose glaring invasive presence motivates a self-preoccupied obedience through fear of eternal punishment — hardly “good news” for us “existentially challenged” humans.

The article develops this (provisional) conclusion through St Paul’s universalism and mission to the Gentiles.

It seems refreshing. Churches that no longer have control over societies and human beings have to rethink their justification for existence. They then either cease to exist, “go funny” or bring something new out of it. If the Church is no longer a condition for salvation (stopping people going to hell), then it is necessary to preach good news and something to attract.

I’m doing little more than banging an old drum, but I find this blog refreshing – also to be read critically since no one is 100% right all the time.

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3 Responses to A Gold Mine of a Blog

  1. Stephen K says:

    Yes, a very cogent presentation. I will be interested in his Part 2 also.

  2. Hanth says:

    Not exactly novel, is it?

    “No God any more, or sweating in the dark
    About hell and that, or having to hide
    What you think of the priest. He
    And his lot will all go down the long slide
    Like free bloody birds.”

    Personally if this were the truth I don’t see how the whole thing isn’t just “Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless.”

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