Sarum Gathering

I have deleted the two postings related to a project for a gathering for the purpose of studying the Use of Sarum and the spiritual “soil” in which it once flourished. I have kept copies on my hard disk.

Provisionally, I anticipate this possibility for two or three midweek days in August 2015 in northern France or southern England depending on numbers and the possibilities of finding a suitable venue. It is not a good idea to get too embroiled in practical details until the fundamentals are all sorted out.

Is this merely a summer university for the academic study of the liturgy or something much deeper to rethink the place of generic Catholicism in the modern world from a liturgical point of view? I am communicating with a number of interested persons on a private e-mail group, and this process may take some time. It would be foolhardy to rush into this and end up with a fiasco. It needs to be properly prepared and organised, and some of us will need time for serious academic work.

That being said, you are welcome to express opinions and interest, and I will have progress reports to post as the fundamental preparation work advances.

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