Saint Aubin

20140404seaI took the boat to Saint-Aubin, the next port to the east from Veules les Roses. It was a fairly gentle west wind and a strong current in the same direction. That gave manageable waves but a combined drift and current on both tacks when close-hauling to the west. The weather was overcast but at about 12°C and a few bright spells, no rain. It could have been worse!

That is always the rule of sailing. Go in the more unfavourable direction first to be sure of getting back with the current into port. If there is time before the turn of the tide, then you can go with the tide and return with the tide. But I didn’t have time for that today. I advanced very little westwards against both the wind and the current. I did well to remain upstream and upwind from the slipway. I managed all the same to get enough distance to the west to get out to sea and take a couple of photos. This one is of the cliff of Varengeville in the Dieppe direction.

The sea was a little choppy on my starboard tack, but a lot smoother on my port tack. To compensate for the starboard tack, I would fall off the wind to get momentum to break through the waves. After a couple of hours at sea, I beached the boat next to the slipway at nearly high tide.

It was a nice outing, and I said Mass on returning home – St Ambrose as in the Sarum Calendar. I missed the magnificent Gospel of the resurrection of Lazarus, but the thought was there. We arrive at Sitientes Saturday and move into Passiontide this Sunday. My chapel has been in Lenten Array since Ash Wednesday as per the Use of Sarum, so there is no additional veiling.

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