Even when Judas hanged himself, there was a storm too…

I love the old Clint Eastwood films! One of my favourites is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

This film involves a Mexican by the name of Tuco, a professional bandit and brother of a Franciscan priest. From 3 minutes 22, we see Tuco try to get his revenge for having been left in the desert by Blondie (Clint Eastwood). There is a certain friendliness about this crook, but at the same time he would betray at any time for profit. How appropriate that he referred to Judas hanging himself when about to hang his former partner and bounty hunter!

How willing are we to sacrifice ourselves and not shift our entire system of moral values for one bit of expediency and self interest? Judas was a complex character, and there are many theories about him, and what made him betray the Lord and be the instrument of his Passion.

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2 Responses to Even when Judas hanged himself, there was a storm too…

  1. Liam Oager says:

    Did you ever notice, Father, that Tuco wears a brown scapular? That should make this film the favourite western of the Fatima trads!

    • If you see the whole movie, you will see his amazing “signs of the cross”, especially when he has just killed somebody, or when he rifles through the pockets and wallets of dead Confederacy soldiers in an ambushed stagecoach and assumes the alias of Bill Carson. For all this man being a rogue, one can’t help but have a certain affection for him, on condition of never trusting him!

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