What’s wrong with Benedict XV and Pius XI

Benedict XV and Pius XI seem to be the only twentieth century Popes not under consideration for canonisation. I really wonder what was wrong with those forthright men who wore the shoes of St Peter and who were fine bishops and theologians! They both fought for peace in Europe and the world, and Pius XI dared to speak out against Communism, Fascism and Nazism. Here’s an interesting article – Stop canonizing popes!: an appeal for a moratorium on pope-saints by James Griffith, a young Roman Catholic, who, to his credit is a longhair.

I have been alienated from the Roman Catholic Church for any number of reasons. This kind of circus confirms in my mind that the whole thing is in total system failure, and that the only solution is a hard reboot and format of the hard disk. Perhaps the Italian Government might find a use for the Vatican as Beijing found for the Forbidden City!

Canonisation has now lost any real meaning.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Mark Sedgwick is far from being a reliable expositor of the Perennialist or Traditionalist school represented by Guénon, Burckhardt, Lings, Perry, Northbourne, Pallis, Stoddart, and by Schuon in particular.
    See review of his book here:
    Review by Róbert Horváth. Summary: Róbert Horváth is a Hungarian writer who has authored a number of pieces on traditionalist/perennialist subjects. Soon after Sedgwick’s book first came out, Horváth wrote this review, which by now has appeared in print and in numerous place online. The precision of Horváth’s critique covers all major aspects of Against the Modern World, amassing impressive supporting evidence to conclude that it is “a gossip book, nothing more than a new false history.” Horváth’s review finishes with an interesting addendum that includes some further clarifications and a report of an exchange with the author of Against the Modern World, Mark Sedgwick, following the initial publication of Horváth’s review.

    Review by Michael Fitzgerald. Summary: Michael Fitzgerald’s review documents that Mark Sedgwick’s comments in Against the Modern World demonstrate a flawed understanding of Traditionalism and the world’s religions, including a narrow and intolerant interpretation of Islam. The review states that Mark Sedgwick systematically contacted detractors of the Perennialist School, thus encouraging far-fetched allegations by depending upon these hostile and unreliable informants for much of the material in the book. The review claims that Dr. Sedgwick systematically failed to contact known Perennialists to hear their response to these allegations, thus resulting in a book that is, unfortunatley, very one sided. Fitzgerald’s mordant review of Sedgwick’s book contains more “behind the scenes” information on the book and its author than is available elsewhere.

    Review by W. E. Poindexter. This review appeared in the respected Traditionalist journal Sophia. Mr. Poindexter, too, found it necessary to point out further problems with Against the Modern World. In the review, Poindexter laments the fact that Sedgwick’s book held promise as a serious academic treatment of the Traditional school and the Perennial Philosophy, but a close reading proves that “it is in fact a step in the wrong direction, serving more to obfuscate than to clarify.” The reviewer points out cases in which Sedgwick very evidently explains key terms and concepts, such as the central one of “Tradition,” incorrectly. Poindexter also enumerates some methodological shortcomings, misrepresentations, and exclusions of vital information in the book, concluding that the “excessive focus upon the personal lives of Traditional scholars” and other errors lead to Sedgwick’s squandering “a golden opportunity to provide a detailed analysis of a perspective that is gaining increasing acceptance in many academic circles.”

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