Fine Articles

I have been going through a bout of “writer’s block” for the past week – that and work, and not forgetting making a wooden patio in the garden. I have kept an eye on the blogosphere, and found that some of it in my admittedly narrow fields of interest hardly inspired any contribution from my part.

Fr Jonathan Munn has just written two fine articles – Entropy, Law and Theosis and Mind where you’re going! For the second, life is so different over here in France to England where people still have a choice of churches to join. Here in France, the thing is to count blessings and live the contemplative life as best as possible for someone who is not a monk! The first article is close to my own thought. Many people believe that humanity is progressing, evolving and growing. I am inclined to believe that humanity is like each one of us: we are born, grow up, live the prime of life, get old, older and then die. The life and freedom of the spirit alone give meaning to it all and determines our relationship with God and the Universal.

I am also brought to consider many practical things in life. I’m not making enough income from translating and the French social contribution and taxation system is heavy and merciless. I’m presently looking into the possibility of recycling and going into the building industry as a joiner – doing roof and floor trusses, that sort of thing. Also, more people have their houses entirely built in wood. From my organ building days, I love working on big structures. It would certainly get me more out of the house and into a more “worker priest” kind of life. My wife knows an architect who is quite well connected with some building contractors in the area. Perhaps I can do some good like that… I’ll keep the translating going until I’m really sure this new idea will work and a site foreman finds me good enough for the job.

Music also takes some of my time. I had to force myself to get over another aspect of “writer’s block” and finish an O Salutaris Hostia I started a couple of weeks ago. I have just finished it, and my quartet will doubtless sing it.

I have also had to deal with my van that is unreliable with starting. My garage man seems very optimistic about dealing with the electronic problem in the engine immobiliser – and he should have the part tomorrow. I just hope it won’t cost too much! Cars! Infernal machines!

The weather has been abysmal this week – so no sailing. My wife and I will take a few days off at the end of next week near Barfleur, and weather permitting, I might get a real cruise along the coast.

I’ll be back soon when I bounce back…

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