Affluence on the Aulne

Further from my article on the Route du Sable, I went to the association’s Facebook page after the closure of registrations. Everything is in – L’Aulne connaîtra un record d’affluence … The Aulne (name of the river from the Rade de Brest to the Nantes Canal going through Châteaulin) will know know a record of affluence…

I asked how many boats we would be now that the registration list is complete. The association responded more than 70. Some of the boats will be very small dinghies with only one or two persons, and the larger yoles will have more than eight onboard.

The weather still looks to be holding, with the present north-east wind veering to the north-west and promising some ten knots. If that is a more or less accurate forecast (I don’t trust anything more than 48 hours), we won’t have to reef sail and it should be quite “sporty”). We would be in a full reach to a run almost all the way, gybing in the bend that leads to Port-Launay. With 70 boats on a river, tacking upwind could be quite difficult!

If the forecast proves right, the current will be in the same direction as the wind and we should avoid the vicious chop they got in a previous year, shown by the photo above.

I will be doing a little sailing today at Veules and will be bringing the boat home. I still need to fix two mooring cleats to the bow and check everything over. I have to confess that the choir stalls in my chapel are getting full of boat stuff, camping equipment and all sorts!

D-Day is next Friday, a long drive to Châteaulin and the campsite, and getting ready to take the boat to the launching ramp at Rosnoën for 10 am Saturday morning.

Seventy boats is going to be quite an armada. OK, you guys, we’re coming!

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