The Blood of the Martyrs

Here is a passionate article from a Continuing Anglican source: Aussie Military Strategist: We’ll Fight Radical Islam for 100 Years. The Australian news article itself is behind a paywall, butAuthor Capellane gives the gist of it.

Indeed our natural passions would call for all-out war against the barbarians of ISIS using modern technology and everything they used to do in Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and others. I read in certain places the crazy thesis of complicity between the Americans and radical Muslims. Is the idea so insane? For the reader to inform himself and try to get an idea. Is the calvary of Irak and Syria the future of Europe and then the mighty USA?

When we see whole Christian communities exiled in rags, raped, martyred, force-converted to Islam and decimated, the rage boils and our feeling of empathy puts us in the position of Churchill as he took over from the appeaser Chamberlain and faced Hitler. We are confronted once again with pure evil that can leave no one indifferent. We may have to fight them on the beaches and hold together as our parents and grandparents did in World War II.

With whose army? That is the question. This should be a matter for the UN and perhaps an occasion for the USA and the EU to make our peace with Russia and Putin. The rag-heads are the real enemy, not Russia – but of course the enemy is among us too with our crumbling financial debt-ridden empires. I read things, I have suspicions, but I know nothing for sure.

Such is the barbarity that many Muslims are converting to Christianity. The great renewal of Christianity may come from there. It is a seed of hope in our dark times.

Who will take the decision to take the courageous leap like Churchill? They are coming into our countries like a poisoned leaven. I know very little about Islam, but I do know that there are peaceful and devout Muslims who are open-minded and modern in their acceptance of religious tolerance. Those who commit atrocities should have to pay for them with their lives as happened to the Nazi war criminals. It may indeed take a hundred years, but if we do not fight, we will come under their jackboot and they will put us to the sword and send us to their concentration camps.

Our enemy is within ourselves, and we suffer from the corruption and complacency of “political correctness” of our political establishments. As always, I speak up, not against what people are (race, religion, cultural background, etc.), but against what they do when they stamp out every principle of God and man, every respect of humanity.

May our governments and armed forces use modern technology to blow those barbarians to pieces in their bunkers with the least possible loss of life to our own servicemen! Let ISIS be killed by machines and computers as they deserve and the survivors executed on the gallows!

I am not an advocate of “muscular Christianity” as my readers know. I approach my faith through beauty and love, through the way of the Romantics. But here, enough is enough, and I ask myself whether I would have the courage to sacrifice my own life. Indeed, if love has no place in this world, I would rather be gone and elsewhere, my death having given meaning where my life did not.

Indeed, Christ said (John 12):

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

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19 Responses to The Blood of the Martyrs

  1. raitchi2 says:

    IMO, radical Islam is a product of unstable society and economic depression. Picture it, you can be a poor goat herder in the mountains near Kabul and occasionally lose your livelihood to war, corruption or you can join a force that actually has the ideological drive to make some changes (not necessarily for the greater good, but at least makes things better in you microcosm). On top of that Western aggression only encourages this behavior ( [a political ad from the last US presedential race, but I think it has a very good message]. When we look at the radical Islamists in Europe who are they? They are the same people who recently came from these opressive areas and are clinging to a ‘Muscular Islam’ to keep their identity. I bet these people clinging to a muscular Islam in europe will have children just as normal as any other secular family. Once people see the options and oportunities they have they tend to go for those best options–you can be a member of a fringe group or you can have a first world lifestyle. In summary what is needed to stamp out radical Islam is not more guns and bombs, but enough social and economic stability to put a Starbucks, McDonalds and a Coca-Cola in the hands of every radical Islamist.

    • ed pacht says:

      If we answer “them” with their own hateful attitudes and techniques, they will have won, because we will have become them. Jesus instructed us to return good for evil – not to answer evil with more evil. It can certainly be debated what is the best way to put that into practice, but, unless our attitudes are radically different from the hatemongers, evil will triumph. Whatever we do in a practical way, we are under obligation to love our enemies – even when we have to oppose them. If we hate ‘ragheads’ or commies or Nazis or liberals or right wingers, or this or that race, or ‘fags’ or whatever, we’ve taken on the nature of those we oppose. That is not the way of Christ.

      • I agree that violence is not Christian, and I am glad not to be the one who makes the decisions. Should the “other” cheek have been turned to Hitler in 1939 leaving him to enslave the world and kill the “Untermensch”? How would we react if the radical Islamists raped and murdered our own wives and children? The theory of Christian non-violence is wonderful and warfare has never solved anything. I am more of a pacifist and anarchist than anything else. You and I were both born in the 20th century! I suppose that if ISIS has to be opposed by military means, the spirit has to be that of a judge condemning a criminal to the consequences of his own acts. May God enlighten us all!

      • Jacob Flournoy says:

        I once asked you if you would die quietly when they come for you and you have not yet answered. Let me remind you that “God helps those who help themselves”. When they come for you please remember, go quietly without complaining………after all we would not want to offend the Ragheads while they are slowly decapitating you. Ed, if you had testicles you would be dangerous.

      • Stephen K says:

        A crass and unwarranted comment. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, they say. And there is no evidence that God helps those who help themselves. The essential point that ed makes eloquently time and time again is to remind us that if the love of which Jesus spoke is one that is qualified to within an inch of its life by an encyclopaedia of exemptions, then there is absolutely no merit or point in trying to be or pretending to be, a Christian. Indeed, this is the perennial problem for people who ponder the meaning of the Gospel: is he really asking us to do that? And the answer we nearly all give over and over again is usually a form of Yes, but…… or No, he can’t be serious.

        We know violence and evil has to be resisted, and the answer for each of us probably comes in the instant. But if we are to frame our overall attitude by sayings, then he who lives by the sword will die by the sword and on it goes.

      • Jacob Flournoy says:

        Perhaps I’m not as witty and refined as you are Stephen K but I do know a naive fool when I see one. I hope you and Ed can share a cell while waiting for the Raghead executioner. Any man without the testicular fortitude to defend himself, his culture and his religion doesn’t deserve to be called a man. Now go and crouch in a corner with Ed and whimper eloquent verses to one another.

      • This kind of tone on my blog is quite unwarranted. Your IP address places you in Switzerland. Quite a lot of women defend themselves and they don’t have testicles. You seem to have a somewhat caricatured notion of masculinity – we don’t all wear Brut aftershave or play rugby!

        Switzerland doesn’t quite seem the place for a fourth Reich, since it remained neutral and free from jackboots in the last century. Grüezi mittenand!

      • ed pacht says:

        Mr. Flournoy. You are an expert at throwing out insults and refusing to hear what those you are insulting are saying. Would I go quietly? You bet your life I wouldn’t. Would I resist with violence? No man can answer that conclusively, but probably not. Would I run? I hope not. I take for my model the majestic army of the martyrs who declared loudly the Gospel of Christ as they died for it, who manfully stood up to evil as it did its worst to them. Who were not bashful to declare their love for those who persecuted and killed them. Cowards can be dangerous because fear can often lead to an unnecessarily violent response. Sir, I resent your personal attacks upon people who disagree with you. Do you not have the courage to discuss the issues in a reasonable manner, or is this verbal bullying the only thing you are bold enough to do?

      • Just to try getting some ideas in to calm the controversy. No Church in our time has military or political power, and no temporal leader is under the jurisdiction of the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury, Patriarch of Constantinople, etc. There is now only one political religion – Islam. The problem of Islam is simply not our problem. The only things that can effectively counter it are secularism and materialism. Give them Big Macs, cell phones and Facebook!

        For those who advocate “muscular” Christianity, I believe that we are but a step away from a return to the nationalisms of the 1930’s and even the possibility that a demagogue might adopt a Christian label to justify his anti-semitism and anti-Islam stand. I bet Ebola must be a godsend to those men, since effectiveness would be greater than usual genocide methods – and cheaper! I resist the temptation to subscribe to conspiracy theories on this subject, but the suspicion is tantalising. I know my twentieth-century European history too well to fall into that trap. Yet I see it as the only issue to the present political situation that parallels the pre-1933 Weimar government in many ways.

        The future? A boot stamping on a human face forever? Islam or Wal Mart consumerism? A meteorite hitting the earth and leaving just a couple of survivors in the Tibetan mountains? Ebola as a new Great Plague? We seem to come back to the same thing – carpe diem, live for today and not worry about tomorrow or the day we will meet our own death. I don’t think there is anyone among us who wouldn’t defend ourselves or our loved ones against any enemy, using whatever means of force we have – a gun, a crowbar, a chair leg, our fists, whatever.

        That being said, I think we can stop arguing and think about living in the country, getting out of the cities, being ready to go underground and ask ourselves what we really believe in. I too am discouraged and despondent. But, were earlier times any better?

      • Stephen K says:

        Perhaps I’m not as witty and refined as you are Stephen K
        I think this is an instance where, on the evidence, you and I can enjoy the brotherhood of perfect agreement.

        I hope you and Ed can share a cell ……..
        Thank you. A hope indeed, given possible alternatives.

        If you take this Christian stuff seriously you have to recognize that there is a tension between what appears to be the consistent thrust of Jesus’ kingdom message that is counter-instinctual in many ways on the one hand and natural human nature which is to operate within an instinctive eye-for-eye paradigm on the other. The former may seem impossible or impracticable; the latter is an ingredient for or an element in the hatred and violence in the entire saga of Mankind.

        But perhaps you don’t believe, after all, in the concept of an imperfect nature needing to be redeemed. Perhaps you think, after all, that this Christianity, for which you urge “defence” on similar lines to the attack of its antagonists, is simply the best or only authentic expression of a superhuman nature, enjoyed invulnerably by those who purport to proclaim it? It’s ironic, but those whose voices seem loudest against all other religions appear to think that Christianity should work just like them.

        Moreover, I find a curious similarity between those who insist we fight for the Christian religion and those who are currently fighting for a form of the Islamic religion. There is a sense in which I don’t think any religion is worth defending, if religion is understood as a man-made system for moral life. (I think what you might have meant to refer to was one’s right to adhere to any set of religious beliefs.) It seems so contrary to our modern notions of conscience to think that anyone should insist on our going against it, or demanding that they conform to ours. [Does that sound familiar?] To be honest, I think I would only be prepared to defend my loved ones, and life, and not an abstraction. That might be true for most people, in both their coolest and hottest moments.

        There are propositions enough in both Father Chadwick’s article and this to warrant an intelligent discussion. But, to finish, as we started, with a saying: one can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    • I have a vague idea of a French anticlerical at the beginning of the 20th century saying that the best way to persecute the Church was to give it money and social status. The theme is familiar. The British are famous for this kind of thing during the Opium Wars. Spoil them rotten, and when the salt loses its savour, they have lost. That’s what happened to us Christians.

  2. They are coming into our countries like a poisoned leaven.

    Why shouldn’t they? We are holding the door open for them, giving them welfare, cultural space, political power, even civil causes of action by which they can harass their hosts. This is what the pejoratively described “far Right” have been warning everybody about.

    Jean Raspail and Enoch Powell were correct, over 30 years ago.

    • Stephen K says:

      Listen to what you are saying, Anti-Gnostic: We are holding the door open for them, giving them welfare, cultural space, political power, even civil causes of action

      One must assume you think closing the door, denying welfare, denying cultural space, denying political power, denying civil causes of action is ideal public policy.

      The “far Right” are pejoratively referred to because such things are the stuff of ghetto-isation, social apartheid, anti-democratic disenfranchisement, and legal tyranny. And Orwellian suppressions seem to rebound on the “Party” (whoever it is), at least eventually. I think Raitchi2 is closer to the mark.

      PS. It is not safe to rely entirely on Enoch Powell for your own thesis. This extract from his Hola Massacre speech in 1959 appears to go against your proposals:

      Nor can we ourselves pick and choose where and in what parts of the world we shall use this or that kind of standard. We cannot say, ‘We will have African standards in Africa, Asian standards in Asia and perhaps British standards here at home’. We have not that choice to make. We must be consistent with ourselves everywhere. All Government, all influence of man upon man, rests upon opinion. What we can do in Africa, where we still govern and where we no longer govern, depends upon the opinion which is entertained of the way in which this country acts and the way in which Englishmen act. We cannot, we dare not, in Africa of all places, fall below our own highest standards in the acceptance of responsibility.

      • The “far Right” are pejoratively referred to because such things are the stuff of ghetto-isation, social apartheid, anti-democratic disenfranchisement, and legal tyranny.

        It’s safeguarding your country from invasion, like you safeguard your own house. How is Jewish immigration working out in the West Bank? What sort of vibrant diversity are Chechens bringing to the Middle East? Do you think Syrian and Iraqi Christians are pleased with ISIS migration?

        Given that virtually every active war in the world right now is sectarian, what makes you think multiculturalism is good policy?

      • I think you’ll need more than a .44 Magnum…

      • Stephen K says:

        Sectarianism is made of the star-dust of monoculturalism; multiculturalism is the social policy directed squarely in opposition to sectarianism/monoculturalism. Ergo…..

      • multiculturalism is the social policy directed squarely in opposition to sectarianism/monoculturalism

        Multiculturalism only works under a heavily armed, highly centralized and atheistic secular state. Once the state loses legitimacy, as in Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, etc., multiculturalism dries up and blows away like a tumbleweed. As old Enoch would put it, we must be mad, absolutely mad, to pick sides in overseas inter-tribal disputes and then invite the protagonists from both sides here.

        The money and the social cohesion necessary to the secular state is running out, even as the secular state imports more and more decidedly non-secular people to try and shore up its tax base and satisfy its pension and other obligations. But the new citizens don’t pay nearly the same level of taxes as the old ones–why should they? They didn’t incur those debts. This ends badly.

      • Do you think that if the western world collapsed, the Christian order would be immediately restored? I am made to think of the high ideals of the French Revolution and Robespierre’s Terror and the rotting headless bodies being carted off to Picpus cemetery. If that happens, we either get Hitler II or the Ayatollah. But, you are not wrong. The present system is rotten and will fall.

      • David says:

        “Do you think that if the western world collapsed, the Christian order would be immediately restored?”

        Definitely not. But it must collapse for there to be a chance to start anew. It will be violent and turbulent, but good will eventually prevail.

        As Christians we must do nothing to accelerate or bring about the collapse. Instead we should focus on preservation (like the Copts in Egypt) until the appointed time. We have to come to the realization that we are the “other” in the current system for the present.

        I have been saying as much for the last couple years to my friends who talk about “restoring the American constitution” or “making America Catholic” (this nation will crumble before that ever happens). A good friend of mine then articulated better what I had been saying for a while.

        Just my 2 cents.

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