Sarum Makes Progress

There’s a chance that Sarum will sail this year. I have adapted the hull fittings to the rig and have rebuilt the rudder head. I am still waiting for a couple of V jam-cleats for the tiller, for the line that holds the rudder blade down in the water and for the helm impeder.

Here she is in my back-yard “private shipyard”. By the time the varnish is dry and hard, we expect some bad weather later this week. Perhaps in early November, it might be possible to try her out on the sea.



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2 Responses to Sarum Makes Progress

  1. J’ai suivi le lien depuis le forum du site du zef. Je trouve votre projet intéressant et souhaite en voir plus si vous n’y voyez pas d’inconvénients. Je garde votre page en favori pour suivre l’avencement de la jolie Sarum.
    Cordialement Bruno

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