An Epic Voyage

I have just been sent a link to this amazing voyage in a sixteen-foot cruising dinghy.

I have never sailed on the Mediterranean Sea, but I am told the weather and winds are extremely fickle. The Romantic poet Percy Shelley perished at sea off Italy. The advantage of what was called in ancient times the Great Sea is that there is very little tide. Americans who sail the Great Lakes would probably experience similar conditions.

This is a fine introduction to the extreme form of dinghy cruising, from Greece to Egypt and much further, sleeping in the boat with a tent arrangement, all the practical aspects of food and hygiene and everything we could imagine. This guy used a Wayfarer dinghy which is reputed for its seaworthiness and reliability.

I don’t have anything like this man’s experience and I will stick to coastal waters (reliable navigation and safety). A few days at a time is generally enough and such a cruise still needs a lot of preparation.

I plan to go sailing tomorrow, probably for the last time this season before winter closes in. We are promised good weather and a weather shore – which means a calm sea but gusty winds. At present I am debating between Veules les Roses to Veulettes sur Mer, or Fécamp to Etretat. We’ll see – just a daysail with a packed lunch…

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1 Response to An Epic Voyage

  1. Juan de la Fuente says:

    Great video!,
    I bet you will enjoy this too. This guy is reckless! This is part 1 of a 6 video story in the mediterranean on a small dinghy. The other five videos on Youtube.

    Looking forwards to see your latest photos, and I hope father Christmas will give you a video camera this year!

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