Nowhere near his holiness…

I recently saw a picture of a splendid pontifical Mass in Poland and almost fainted on seeing the military hairstyle of the MC!

I have no pretension to the holiness or evangelical zeal of John Wesley, but I seem to have almost reached his length! I am glad of the choice I made.


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7 Responses to Nowhere near his holiness…

  1. Albertus says:

    Long hair is much more traditional than short hair, one of many things which many modern-day ”traddies” do not understand. In fact, up until the twentieth century, throughout history men wore their hair long. Interestingly, during the English Civil War, the Catholicising party kept their hair long, whereas the Puritanical party cut their hair short.

    • Long hair survived beyond the mid nineteenth century, and in some places up to World War I. Short hair was a result of the Great War (delousing, etc.) and the gloomy mood of the 1930’s. Then the short back and sides began to be associated with manliness as opposed to the long hair of women, girls and small boys. Short hair is also a symbol of servitude, which is why it is the usage in the Armed Forces (soldiers and naval men [both officers and ratings] once had ponytails that were either tarred or kept in a black bag).

      In the eighteenth century, not all gentlemen wore wigs – only if they were bald or had a scalp disease to hide. Many grew their own hair as did Wesley. Long hair (on men) is masculine and a symbol of free humanity. I don’t judge men who can’t or don’t want to grow their hair, but it is nice to see more tolerance for long-haired men in contemporary society.

  2. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    A fine traditionally clerical head of hair!

    Tarred! Whew! (I find braiding a queue is better accomplished by a pair of helping hands, and am ‘hooked’ on the convenience of hair-elastics.)

  3. Xryztofer says:

    I had long hair a few years ago, but the effort required to keep it from looking terrible just wasn’t worth it. It also doubled my time in the shower.

    • It’s a choice. It takes 15 months to 2 years to get out of the “awkward stage” (too short to be tied back like long hair and too long to look after like short hair). Then it only “doubles shower time” once a week – otherwise you’re washing it too often. It takes patience and commitment. As I say, it is a choice, and with some men it isn’t possible, like when you’re bald. I don’t judge anyone for preferring their hair short, as I did for many years.

      There are all sorts of reasons why some men defy the conventions of c. 1914 until now with the exception of the 1960’s and early 70’s. For some it is an “identity” issue, others a rebellion against present-day conventions or against the tendency towards reducing our freedoms (including those of women). In the end, it comes down to personal preference and the way we relate to society. I can’t reject it, but I take my distance – “In the world but not of the world”.

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