Ordo and Calendar

Advent is the time when we need the new calendar and ordo for our respective rites. Most begin with the first Sunday of Advent, though some begin on 1st January and Advent is in the current year.

Anglican Catholic Church – based on the 1928 American Prayer Book and the Anglican Missal. It is ordered online. It contains the essential information needed for the Mass and Office, including special celebrations of our Province and Dioceses. It is also graced with fine and high-quality illustrations.

Sarum – download 2014 for the Advent time (December) and 2015 from 1st January. This calendar is free but in pdf format. You need to print it out. It follows the Gregorian Calendar, even though it was not introduced in England until 1752. Sarum is thus a living Use.

Roman – in accordance with the Pius X – Benedict XV rubrics. You pay for a beautifully printed booklet which is highly detailed and in Latin. This is the best ordo I know for the Roman rite. See Fr Hunwicke’s glowing write-up in When did the “Vatican II” liturgical ‘reforms’ really begin? in which he also discusses the early liturgical reforms under Pius XII and John XXIII. Very daring for an Ordinariate priest… Wouldn’t you think? This good priest seems to look down his nose at me. He is doubtlessly right! There is a fine article on him at Hunwickean in Parkdale.

1962 Roman – for the sake of completeness. Latin Mass Society. Go to the sidebar of this page to find the year you want. Each month is given as a pdf file, and they can be downloaded free and printed up. 2015 will begin on 1st January and Advent is available in December 2014.

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4 Responses to Ordo and Calendar

  1. Is the Sarum Advent period four weeks or six weeks?

    • There seems to be no exact cut-off point between the 2*th/rd Sunday after Trinity and the Sunday Next before Advent. This latter Sunday seems to have the character of an Advent Sunday with the Excita prayer. On this Sunday, I wear the vestments I use for Advent (in my case bluish violet – I use what I’ve got). However, the numbering of Advent Sundays in the Sarum missal from 1 to 4 is as in the Roman rite. This year, I was at my Bishop’s Mass on the Sunday next before Advent, and he uses the Anglican Missal, therefore green vestments.

      All that being said, I don’t get hung up about “Sarum Blue” which was far from universal in England in the 15th and early 16th centuries.

  2. Fr. David Marriott SSC says:

    Father, the TAC church here in Canada publishes a comprehensive Ordo from the Parish of St. John the Evangelist in Victoria BC: this contains a comprehensive listing for the daily Offices and Mass, as well as collects and prefaces appropriate to the days. There are listing of specifically Canadian commemorations, and some variation in feasts celebrated, but it is very useful and helpful to many, including those of us in communion with the ACC. It may be available from the Cathedral parish of St. John the Evangelist in Victoria BC (contact: ccsje@shaw.ca)

  3. Rubicarius says:

    Thank you, Fr. Anthony for such a kind recommendation.

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