The Abbot’s Lodge

I have just set up a new page on this blog that is open to comments. Before doing so, please read The Abbot’s Lodge. This is in response to a few comments of those who feel isolated, alienated from parish life and who live hundreds of miles away from the nearest monastery.

I don’t think on-line Offices are appropriate. I am old-fashioned and prefer books. Books can be found second-hand via on-line bookshops. It is best to have a little chapel or shrine, a little prayer corner. It helps us to focus. I would like the diversity of rites of breviaries and prayer books to be respected. We live in different time-zones, so anything synchronised is just not going to be practical. I recommend the Monastic Diurnal in English. There is a separate book for Matins. These two books give you the complete Monastic Office in classical English like the Anglican Prayer Book.

We are secular clergy and lay people, not monks or Oblates. Naturally any monks who read this blog are welcome, as would be their wisdom and experience. We have our lives and we do what we can. I don’t want to edict any rules or timetables – it just wouldn’t work.

This post is not open to comments, so that you can go over to that page and get the ball rolling with your comments. Be free and share your wisdom and spiritual vision with us all.

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