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I often look wistfully at my boat laid up in my back yard, wintered and covered with its tarpaulin. I had some nice weather a few days ago and opened the tarpaulin, and found that a little rainwater had seeped through the tarpaulin and into the boat. I also needed to take some measurements for the boom tent I need to make for next May. All the things in the boat are dry and OK – the rudder, spars and registration plate for towing the boat on the road. I took the sails and lifejackets out last autumn to put them in the house together with my sailing togs and my new waterproof smock. Things can gather mildew quite badly in a wintered boat.

Another bit of encouragement in these long dark winter months is a nice sailing blog, Daisy II. Julian Merson, the blog owner, has a nice looking gaff-rigged twenty-two foot Drascombe Coaster, and has just acquired a tiny folding dinghy, which is most intriguing. I discovered this blog, because it links to one of my articles on neat gadgets for boats. I recommend this blog to sailing enthusiasts. Mr Merson’s cruising narratives are most fascinating.

Soon, very soon now. Who knows whether we might get some nice weather for the end of February…

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3 Responses to Nice Sailing Blog

  1. Juan de la Fuente says:

    Lovely folding boat!

    Aren’t winters terribly long for us dinghy sailors!? Yet it is also the time for DIY improvements.

    Really looking forwards to see how you work out Sarum’s boom tent. I myself been busy too and soon will share with you a video on my Mirror rigged Tabur 320 latest modifications.

    The light slowly wins over its battle against the dark winter, and so does our hopes for new adventures.

    Guess who did just published the 3rd part of Mirror mods…

  2. Juan de la Fuente says:

    Thought you would!

    I too love David videos. When are you, Anthony, going to buy yourself a video camera to film your sailing adventures? You very much ought to.


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