Sarum Mass of Thursday in the first week of Lent

I have found some software that enables me to make videos on my laptop computer using the built-in webcam and microphone. Therefore the quality isn’t very good. I will need to plug in an external microphone and a good quality webcam (which are quite inexpensive these days).

I recorded the Mass of today, Thursday in the week after Invocabit (between Ember Wednesday and Ember Friday). I was a little too conscious that I was being recorded, and forgot the Flectamus genua and Levate before the Collect. I did not say any commemorations. It is just about what I do each day, without a server.

On the YouTube page, I wrote the following introduction:

Low Mass according to the Use of Sarum on Thursday after “Invocabit” (first Sunday of Lent) in the Chapel of St Mary, Hautot Saint Sulpice, Normandy. This ministry is under the oversight of the Diocese of the United Kingdom of the Anglican Catholic Church – Original Province.

The sound quality is poor. I begin with the versicle and response preceding the Collect for Purity, and I only enter the chapel as I reach the end of the Judica me psalm. I recess whilst saying the Prologue of St John.

Purists might be disappointed at my not wearing an apparelled amice and alb. I just haven’t got round to making them, or an off-white gothic chasuble. For the time being, I wear the vestments I had when I used the Roman rite. The other slight difference is not laying the chalice on its side after the ablutions, because I use a purificator as in the Roman rite. Also, I didn’t forget the genuflections, because they are not in use in the Sarum Use. We use profound bows.

I hope to make some better recordings when I have bought the equipment to go with my computer, and preferably a video camera that I could also take on my boat!

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8 Responses to Sarum Mass of Thursday in the first week of Lent

  1. Stephen K says:

    Dear Father, your video prompted me to go to the related articles and associated links. I was impressed by the text and arrangement in A H Pearson’s translation of the Sarum Missal, and I wanted to ask you whether you ever say the Sarum Mass in English, or do you always say it in Latin, and do you have particular views about this?

  2. Dale says:

    Dear Fr Anthony,

    Thank you so much for posting this.

    As for using baroque style vestments, even Dearmer admits that such vestments are not contrary to the spirit of the Sarum rite and does mention in the “Parsons Handbook” that such style of vestments were indeed to be found in the English Church during the time of Henry VIII, but in a fuller from, such as the one you are wearing. Personally, I very much like both Gothic as well as Baroque. I refuse to get too concerned about such issues. But then, I am also not opposed to lace either.

    I do have one question, how long did it take to get used to celebrating Mass without altar cards? I have never done so, and would find it rather trying to keep referring back to the Missal!

    • I think I already wrote an article about a medieval chasuble that was of the same cut as an 18th century French chasuble. Sarum was loose about colours like in the eastern Churches. Violet was also worn in Lent in some places and interchanged with the “Lenten Array” off-white. Dearmer was a 19th century Romantic. I like him, but his vision of the church was much more “Cartesian” and tidy than what medieval Catholicism probably was.

      I haven’t worn lace for years. I still have a few lace albs, but I now always wear the two nice round-necked plain cotton albs I bought from Vanpoules last year to replace another English alb that was getting threadbare at the collar.

      I have sent you an “altar card” privately. I lay it flat on the altar. There are only the brief offertory prayers and the Placeat (which I now recite by heart). I don’t need any more than that. I know the Prologue of St John by heart, but still have it in the sacristy in case I get a “hole” in my memory. I have known French priests who could say the Roman rite (old) Mass without altar cards because they knew it all by heart. But, one should always have the text nearby just in case.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Maybe more sound?

    • I mentioned in the posting that the recording was done with the built in microphone and camera, so the quality is poor. I plan to buy an external webcam and a directional microphone, and that should do the trick. Also, when the computer works hard, its cooling fan makes a lot of noise – so the microphone needs to be at a distance. I’ll work on it.

      I also need to do some video sermons and lectures. But, I find it easier to talk to real people than to a machine!

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