Tour of our Chapel

My chapel is fairly well known through photos. Here it is in a very shaky video (using a laptop computer and webcam rather than a proper camcorder) and you can see just about everything there is to be seen.

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2 Responses to Tour of our Chapel

  1. Patricius says:

    Very interesting. I’ve been thinking of doing a video myself recently. But I am not half as practical or interesting as you, father! I’ll be doing Palm Sunday myself this year. All I have is my old missal, some heather from the back garden and a side table but I’m sure I’ll manage!

  2. Father Grogan says:

    The video is most inspiring, if envy is a sin I am bound for perdition. Everything is in the best of taste and beyond reproach, I hope some day to have such a beautiful oratory of my own. You are an inspiration to us clergy who are square pegs in round holes

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