Good Parenting

Better than having them skateboarding in the streets or getting killed motorcycling!


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3 Responses to Good Parenting

  1. LOL. I can think of several hobbies this applies to.

  2. The Rad Trad says:

    Some of us were taught sailing, moved to Texas, and had to switch to smoking because of the inland locale.

    • Without doubt, you realise that I put this one up tongue-in cheek. There aren’t many places to launch a boat in Texas or the middle of Africa or Saudi Arabia, in Kansas or the Midlands in England or the grain-growing area around Chartres. Down-town New York isn’t ideal for mountaineering or skiing either. Families living in Greenland might find the same problem with all the available water being ice.

      I am lucky to be only half an hour by car from the sea.

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