New Boat Tent

I have just set up my new boat tent after my less than comfortable experience at the Semaine du Golfe. See What a damp place to spend the night! and Life on a Twelve-Foot Boat. I squeezed in between the centreboard case and the port buoyancy tank, which was narrow enough to cause stiffness and cramp.

I have now used the method that consists of three planks and a support plank at the stern (the other ends of the planks supported by the thwart). Whilst the sleeping accommodation is not in use, the planks will be stored either side of the centreboard case, leaving the cockpit clear for sailing manoeuvres. This will give the entire width of the boat, which is more than enough for me and my two plastic boxes (galley and “captain’s cabin”).

The tent is one from the lower end of the Quechua range, a French brand of camping and bivouac tents and camping equipment.

new-boat-tent01new-boat-tent02new-boat-tent03The tent is no longer supported by the boom but by its own structure as on land. I have made no modifications to the tent, so the conditions should be drier at night. I will need a try in real conditions. The boom is hauled higher than the tent using the topping lift, which dispenses with the need of a boom prop. The helm is pushed over to the side opposite the boat’s mooring. The tent top is secured to three hooking points either side of the boat.

This set-up is ideal when the boat is dried out and is accessible on foot from any side of the boat. I am a little concerned how I would get on whilst moored at a pontoon, a river bank or at anchor. The boat’s tender can conceivably be used for moving around outside the boat whilst afloat.

Perhaps this autumn, a little cruise on the Seine or the Rance and the river to Dinan. I have heard it is quite idyllic! There are also many places along the north of Brittany just screaming out for a visit!

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1 Response to New Boat Tent

  1. Fr. Robert S.H. Mansfield, SSC says:

    Looks good, Father.
    Hopefully Joyce and I shall be able to get some sailing and camping done soon.
    We just spent the day out on our sailboat with our daughter and her two children while her husband was suffering through a week in the south of France.

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